Why cloud based EHR systems are better?

Healthcare providers all across the nation are shifting to modern Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Some of them are pure cloud-based while others are cloud enabled. True cloud EHR systems have remarkably reduced initial investments on hardware, hosting as well as for ongoing costs such as maintenance, upgrades, etc. Cloud EHR systems also improve accessibility; users can access the systems with just an internet browser from anywhere at any time and would enjoy more benefits then having a locally installed system.

Let’s discuss features of a cloud system.


When a medical organization needs more bandwidth than routine, a cloud-based service can instantly meet the demand because of the vast capacity of the vendor’s remote servers – something that is not possible with server-based systems.

Disaster recovery

When organizations rely on cloud services, they no longer need complicated disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing providers take care of most issues, and they do it faster. There is no need to maintain separate backups.

Automatic updates

Cloud-based EHR suppliers maintain servers and security updates themselves freeing up their customers’ time and resources for other tasks.

No capital investments

There is no need for capital expenditure at all when dealing with cloud-based EHR software. Since cloud systems are much faster to deploy, organizations have minimal project start-up costs and ongoing operating expenses.

Increased collaboration

Cloud computing EHRs increase collaboration by allowing all employees to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously. They can follow colleagues and records to receive critical updates in real time.


Nearly 800,000 laptops are lost each year in airports alone. This can have some serious monetary implications, but when everything is stored in the cloud, EHR data can still be accessed no matter what happens to a machine.

Scalability and speed

Health enterprises can quickly scale up or scale down their cloud services as per demand, during hours of maximum activity, while launching campaigns, etc. Cloud services are most usually reliable, since many service providers have data centers in multiple locations for keeping the processing near users.


CureMD Introduces SMART Cloud EMR

CureMD Healthcare introduces New SMART Cloud EMR which is specially designed All-in-One smart EMR solution that includes PM, patient portal, free hosting, data security, backup, upgrades, maintenance  and support services.

CureMD Healthcare, a leading provider of web-based EMR, PM, Portal and Revenue Cycle Management launched “SMART Cloud” at the Annual MGMA Conference in Las Vegas. The SMART Cloud provides an award winning All-in-One smart EMR solution that includes – software, hosting, training, support, maintenance, updates, security and business continuity, without the cost and responsibility of in-practice maintenance, backup and support.

“CureMD SMART Cloud simplifies the complexities of costly technologies, making it smart EMR, more adaptable, accessible and affordable. The solution provides unprecedented scalability and cost reduction, enhancing the value we deliver” said Kamal Hashmat, CEO of CureMD.

This all-inclusive solution reduces upfront cost while offering fastest meaningful use implementation so that doctors can prepare for the meaningful use incentives as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s HITECH legislation. CureMD SMART Cloud is readily scalable to physician practices, from sole practitioners, to large multi-site, multi-specialty practices.

CureMD SMART Cloud provides access to the entire system through the Internet. Using any computer, practitioners can access desired information via a web browser. Patient and practice data is stored at a highly secure data center with advanced security features, so protected health information is always secure and disaster proof. In addition maintenance and upgrades are provided free of cost, reducing the need for an IT team.

CureMD is an award winning network of health information management systems and services offering certified EMR, practice management, patient portal, revenue cycle management and discrete reportable transcription to help accelerate adoption and Meaningful Use – driving outcomes and subsidy payments to maximize value and returns. CureMD’s advanced web technology and award winning usability facilitate quality decision making, streamline operations, and ensure compliance.