How you can recover more from your existing patient load

CureMD’s Practice Management Systems integrate the management of your revenue cycle, protecting your income from frequent sources of revenue loss.

See how you can recover more from your existing patient load.


CureMD Healthcare Weekly Webinar – Don’t Be Paralyzed, Analyze

Starts: Thursday July 22, 2010, 03:30PM EDT
Ends: Thursday July 22, 2010, 04:00PM EDT
Event Type: Training/Seminar
Location: This is a virtual event.
Industry: hospital & health care
Keywords: CureMD, EHR, EMR, Healthcare, Obama EHR stimulus package, Stimulus electronic medical records incentives, Medicare advantage claims, Electronic Health Record, Electronic Medical Record, HealthCare IT, Medicare, Medicare stimulus, meaningful use of EHR
Intended For: Hospital Administrator, Medical Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Financial Management Professionals, Managed Care Executives,Office Manager, Accountants, Clinical Analysts, Physicians, EHR Buyers
Organization: CureMD Healthcare

It is a challenge to completely understand your practice’s revenue sources and streams. Find out how to analyze your revenue, so you can make more informed decisions about your practice.

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If you don’t understand your practice’s revenues sources and streams, how can you make decisions?

Presented by Robert Goff, Executive Director and CEO of University Physicians Network(UPN).

Want to get a clear sense on Health Care Reform Bill?

Want to know how you could benefit from stimulus medicare incentives, especially Medicare EMR incentives?

Want to know how to be qualified as a meaningful user of a Certified EHR to receive the ARRA EHR stimulus?

Want to know the EMR Stimulus Payment schedule?

Want to know how will the new health insurance law affect your practice?

Want to know how new regulations impact health care pros?

Want to know more on local medicare advantage plans besides Obama EHR stimulus package?

Want to know where to bill medicare advantage claims?


CureMD Webinar TODAY – Learn Medicare Advantage Plans

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CureMD is a Proud Partner in National Health IT Week 2010

This June, CureMD — as a partner in the advancement of health information technology to help improve healthcare — is joining approximately 150 public and private sector organizations in Washington, DC, to participate in the Fifth Annual National Health IT Week (June 14  – 18, 2010).  National Health IT Week 2010 is a partner-led collaborative forum where public and private healthcare constituents work in unison to educate industry and policy stakeholders on the value of health IT.

Now, with the enactment of economic stimulus and healthcare reform legislation, there is no better time for the health IT community to come together under one umbrella to examine the current policy landscape and raise awareness on the benefits of heath IT for the U.S. healthcare system.

Initiated in 2006 by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), National Health IT Week has emerged as a landmark occasion for bringing together diverse national healthcare stakeholders to develop neutral, common ground for the advancement of health IT adoption with “One Voice, One Vision.”

The week consists of several partner events, including:

Health IT holds a prominent role in Washington D.C., and  National Health IT Week 2010 participants —vendors, provider organizations, payers, pharmaceutical/biotech companies, government agencies, industry/professional associations, research foundations, and consumer protection groups— are working together to elevate national attention to the advantages of advancing health IT

Visit for a full list of partners and updates on the Week’s activities. Working together with our growing coalition of stakeholders, CureMD is helping to transform healthcare for all.