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The Future of Healthcare

There is a reason why US healthcare has become the focal point of most political campaigns across the nation, it’s a mess. We have eaten through our federal reserve with military operations that have brought us to the brink of … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Medical Billing

Medical billing or revenue cycle management is an integral component of practice administration. The better a practice manages its billing, the better it gets paid. Given the regulatory and compliance challenges within the healthcare industry, physicians today are overburdened as … Continue reading

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EMR and Device Interoperability

EMR interoperability is undoubtedly the most popular choice of discussion amongst medical professionals today. In my previous post, I discussed the importance of EMR interoperability across medical organizations and how data sharing could help in improving quality of care. However, … Continue reading

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The Importance of EMR Training

I often wondered why physicians spend thousands of dollars on purchasing electronic health records (EHR)? When I discussed this with an EMR analyst, I finally got my answer. Simply put, they purchase these systems in the hope of reducing costs, … Continue reading

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EMR Interoperability and Accountable Care Organizations

Ever since the public release of the proposed rules for Meaningful Use stage 2, concerns regarding EMR capability to share and expedite medical information and workflow across multiple health organizations and platforms have been mounting consistently. The concept of an … Continue reading

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