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Healthcare and Social Media: Impact, Issues and Governance

The radical global growth in information and communications technology has given rise to the number of internet users who account for 37% of the world’s total population according to ‘Internet World Statistics’. With this growth, burgeoning use of social media … Continue reading

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mHealth: The Way Forward

The rate of development in the mobile technology industry is unparalleled and it is now making headway in the field of health IT. The recent influx of medical professionals adopting the latest sophisticated tools to enhance care delivery and engage … Continue reading

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Medical Device Interoperability

Medical devices are of paramount importance to patient care and well being such as the equipment used for clinical measurement, for instance x-ray imaging, temperature, blood pressure and critical life support. Although we depend heavily on modern medical equipment to … Continue reading

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The iBlueButton experience – Part II

In terms of usability and simplicity, the iBlueButton is a far cry from its crude predecessors. The information gathered from the conventional Blue Button application is cumbersome to process and often confusing. Therefore, this limited the effectiveness of Blue Button … Continue reading

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The iBlueButton experience – Part I

During the course of the past few weeks, there has been some commotion and excitement in the healthcare community over the successful introduction of the mobile Blue Button. Many individuals within the industry are familiar with the concept of the … Continue reading

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