Do You Need a New EHR System

Why would you need a new EHR system? The question arises because of certain reasons; one possible reason could be your continued dissatisfaction with your current EHR system/vendor. The other and as good a reason as the first one is, your current EHR vendor isn’t providing the package you need.curemd

EHR vendors have increased manifold in the past couple of years. This happened because of the initiative taken by President Obama to introduce Obamacare: a program to encourage healthcare uninsured people to register for insurance plans to improve healthcare system and to promote providers to use electronic health recoding technology.

Meaningful Use standards:  Your software should meet the criteria in Meaningful Use. You may need to replace your system because your vendor may not be compliant with Meaningful Use standards. The framework is arduous to remember and the only thing you are relying on is your software, so buy a system that is up-to-date with Meaningful Use compliances.

Fast Processor: Do you want slow, clunky, and choppy software that slows down your system? The answer should be a big NO! So, what you need to is a big RESEARCH! But you can obviously hire a consultant that will do the job for you. Always remember you are choosing the EHR system that does work for you, that smoothes out the work flow of your business, whether clinical or operational. Try few software before buying one, free demos are your best option. Ultimately, choose a one that you feel intuitive. Salesman is always there to draw you in the software, take your time, don’t rush into buying anything. You need a fast system that produces results or does what you ask the machine to do. Too many clicks and still you are stuck on step one, is no good. The basic functions should be fast and efficient to perform.

Final advice: choose EHR vendor that has a strong financial backing. It will give you some surety that the company will be responsible for their actions, and in case of loss will compensate for the loss. And do try out those new Mobile EHR apps that may serve your purpose and may end up choosing Mobile EHR that is iPad-compliant!