How can an iPad EHR system help you?

The healthcare industry is being transformed by the advent of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Most of the hospitals across US are using these devices to improve their workflows, products and delivery of quality care. Quite a few EHR vendors are unlocking the power of these devices to unleash their products and are focusing a lot on this segment of the market.

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According to an estimate, nearly 80% of US hospitals allow physicians, physician assistants, support staff and more to bring their own mobile devices to work. Without a shadow of doubt, mobile computing is the future of healthcare industry.

Many EHR vendors are using iPads to help them with their practice workflows through bespoke applications or using the built-in web browser of these devices. So why should you switch to this method of using your EHR system?ipad

Let’s discuss a few benefits in detail.

  1. Patient demographics: Through the usage of iPad-based EHR solutions, physicians are able to add, view and update patient demographics, insurance allergy, history, problems, diagnosis and medications.
  2. Review appointments: Physicians can also remotely review all of their upcoming appointments and see the ones which have been confirmed, delayed or cancelled. They can also be used to check-in patients and collect copay.
  3. Clinical dashboard: iPad-based EHR solutions also allow quick access to clinical dashboard and view detailed information about a practice.
  4. E-Prescribe: These mobile-based applications also allow physicians the ease to e-Prescribe directly to pharmacies and check adverse drug reactions.
  5. Document manager: Management of documents, pictures, insurance cards and scanned charts also becomes very convenient for a physician with the use of an iPad-based solution.

These are some of the features of an iPad-based EHR software which can enable any physician to improve his/her practice workflows largely.