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Assessing dual coding costs

Healthcare organizations will have to use both ICD-9 and ICD-10 for a considerable amount of time in 2014 in order to complete a successful transition to the new system. Health IT vendors which support dual coding will be the ones … Continue reading

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Why cloud based EHR systems are better?

Healthcare providers all across the nation are shifting to modern Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Some of them are pure cloud-based while others are cloud enabled. True cloud EHR systems have remarkably reduced initial investments on hardware, hosting as well … Continue reading

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New research on how to keep patients loyal

Keeping patients loyal is crucial. However, patient confidence in provider’s abilities and how the staff cares for them is critical to patient retention. The two important indicators of patient loyalty to a medical practice are patient confidence in the provider … Continue reading

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Global Healthcare Reform: The future of care

A recent study has found people being optimistic about advancing care though technology innovations, willing to participate in virtual visits and using sensors in their bodies and surprisingly, in their toilets as well. Participants from eight countries were counting on … Continue reading

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UnitedHealthcare handed injunction by Federal judge

A Federal judge has ordered a temporary injunction against UnitedHealthcare based on the case filed by two Connecticut-based medical associations. The decision came hours before the health insurer was set to drop thousands of physicians and patients from its rolls. … Continue reading

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