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Could EHRs be responsible for Meaningful Use dropout rate?

Over the last few months, there have been numerous surveys and analyses done which highlight that the rate for Meaningful Use attestation is dropping sharply. On the other hand, EHR software adoption is continuously on the rise. So there must … Continue reading

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15 Health benefits of smiling

A smile is free and it improves your health, your mood and helps in giving you a longer and healthier life. A fake smile involves fewer muscles while a genuine smile involves a greater number of muscles. To smile is … Continue reading

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EMR and Practice Management – Changing the Dynamics of Healthcare

The introduction of interoperable health IT solutions had a significant impact on the entire healthcare industry. All conventional rules of medical practice were modified and providers across all specialties strive to stay in business with the ever changing regulations and … Continue reading

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Medical Billing – Comparing Both Sides of the Coin

While discussing the matter of medical billing in regards to any clinical practice, generally you come across two distinct opinions. Firstly, there are those who believe that the responsibility of maintaining financial workflows of a practice lies with the clinician, … Continue reading

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EMR and Practice Management – Automation Realized

Consumer and business marketing has substantially developed in regards to the holistic value delivered by a product or service. Rationale is the underlying basis to adjudicate the purchase decision on any item under question. ‘Is it functional towards my needs?’, … Continue reading

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