Obamacare to be repealed? Republicans push on


For anyone who’s lost out on fulfilling a dream because they depleted their savings on medical expenses, those who avoid going to the doctor for fear of a huge medical bill, and those that have lost loved ones to cancer, Obamacare was a tremendous blessing. Highly popular amongst Americans initially, President Obama’s signature health care law has provided health coverage to approximately 20 million Americans who were unable to afford health insurance previously. This accounts for approximately 15% of the American population who currently has access to healthcare. Possibly inspired by Britain’s NHS system, the Affordable Care Act’s main objective is affordable healthcare for all, eventually leading to a healthier and happier America. However, Britain’s NHS is considered a huge burden on taxpayers and is facing allegations of inefficiency, and Obamacare seems to be equally in trouble as Republicans are working to replace the law with a new version called the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. Continue Reading

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