Why healthcare staff should be better connected

According to a research, nearly 50% of US hospitals are allowing their staff to bring their own devices to work. Without any doubt, it is helping in easy access to medical records which lead to improved safety, efficiency and patient confidence.healthcare

Especially in practices which specialize in pediatrics, mobile and tablet devices can be a source of a lot of interest for children and can help them be more attentive towards their physicians. As the healthcare industry continues to progress forward, mobile access to health records and information would become of crucial importance. More and more vendors are now offering mobile solutions to their electronic health records (EHRs) and are making technology available for users. One such vendor is CureMD, which is offering mobile solution for its EHR users. Click here to learn more about it.

Remote access to information has boosted the confidence of front end staff working in practices. It allows them to check drugs, see patient schedules, view insurances, etc. conveniently. This technology is also taking the industry towards a completely paper-less environment where there is no need to maintain multiple sets of records which require frequent updates. Mobile patient records also mean different clinicians can view them simultaneously and use them as per their needs. It also improves accuracy of records and clinicians do not need to travel back to the office all the time.connecteed

However, despite the benefits, connectivity remains a tough challenge in the way of mobile healthcare. It is one aspect the healthcare industry needs to address soon. Having a secure connection to the internet is not possible at all times and thus, the data becomes vulnerable to intruders. Patient information can never be risked at this level and is subject to strict punishments from HIPAA.

Despite the shortcomings, there is absolutely no doubt mobile healthcare is the future of the industry and helps a lot in improving patient-physician coordination. It also reduces cost of healthcare delivery and improves efficiency to a great extent.


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