5 questions to ask in the EHR market

It is absolutely important to select the right Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for your practice. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive solution out there in the market, nor the biggest vendor that is offering the solution. Selecting the ‘right’ EHR solution is crucial to the success of technology working the way it has been designed. Sometimes, a small EMR vendor with a clear path to development, innovation and vision for the future can be more beneficial for your practice rather than a big corporation which is not doing enough to keep up pace with the industry challenges.Question Mark

One such vendor which excels in terms of leadership, innovation and design is CureMD. Click here to schedule a free, LIVE demo and see how the product works.

So what are the questions you should ask from vendors when you are in the market looking to buy an EHR system? Let’s give you some.

How will it work with existing scheduling, practice management and lab systems?

One of the first and foremost questions is how well the EHR you are looking to buy will integrate with your current scheduler, practice management, billing and lab order systems. If the technology you are buying does not integrate with your current software or does not offer you better alternatives, then you should keep on looking for another one.

What is the amount of training and support offered by default?

Most EHR vendors promise training and support for free with their EHR systems. However, it is limited in nature and once the system is implemented, the free training and support runs out. Make sure you ask the vendor about the amount of training and support offered when you purchase an EHR system.

Who will customize the system to work with existing workflow?

Another important question that you should be looking to ask the EHR vendor is who will take responsibility of customizing the system to work with current workflows. It is important for the EHR vendor to understand the time constraints you may have and be able to deploy it effectively.

What is the typical response time?

Check with the EHR vendor about their typical response time should you develop any issues after the implementation of the system.

Can the provider show a demo for a similar sized specialty?

Most important of all, you must ask the EHR vendor to give you a live demo of the product, possibly with a same sized practice and specialty as yours. This will be crucial as it will give you an indication of how good or bad the system is when put to use in real life.


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