EHR – Usability, functionality or price?

To find the best EHR software out there, is undoubtedly a challenging task or is it? The end users of the software are physicians that have difficulty in handling the complicated software-side. Let’s find out the key features of software that are important to consider when choosing EHR that works for you.

Usability: Is the system usable? How easy is it to move around and do simple functions as setting up an appointment? The answer lies in the designing of the interface. It should be simple and made in a way that makes you feel that you are familiar with the software. User friendliness is a key feature of any software, and EHRs are no exception.

Functionality: Building software requires rethinking of the functionality repeatedly for developers so that they meet the demand of the buyer. Buy software that allows flexibility. Find one that provides customizable templates; and you should look for this feature first and foremost, before buying EHR software. The demands from Government may increase in terms of care, quality and safety in the coming years. You should always be ready to make the change. Apart from that, is your software ICD-10 and Meaningful Use Stage 1 & 2 compliant and ready to be used? should always be in your mind when finding an EHR for practice.

Price: When it comes to the price factor of EHR software, don’t be fooled by the price. Pricy doesn’t mean quality. A research done on the company and the quality of the service they are providing will make you money.

You should choose a customizable-template driven, ICD-10 and Meaningful Use ready, HIPAA compliant software that when integrated into your practice feels like facilitating rather than halting the flow of your work. You should be able to provide quality service and earn money from the software you choose.


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