5 tips for a successful patient portal application

Patient Portals have become an important part of EHR software. Physicians, support staff, patients are all using it to communicate and exchange information. This medium has without a shadow of doubt, become one of the most important parts of any EHR system. Many of the EHR vendors are offering their products to be used on mobile devices and as such, the need  for having a good and usable patient portal application becomes inevitable.lock

Let’s see what  EHR software vendors  can do to create a successful patient portal application.

1. Create a communication plan: You must create a clear communication plan for your patient portal application. All  areas on your website which contain information about your application, must be updated to include details about your new app. Clearly identify when  the app will become available,  its features,  legal requirements, etc.

2. Include Plan B: One of the most important areas you need to focus on before launching your patient portal app is to know exactly how much time it takes for each app store to approve your app. Some can do it in days, while others can take longer. In case it is the latter, you need to have a Plan B on how you are going to market your app.

3. Read marketing guidelines: You need to go through all the marketing and advertising requirements of each app store before you make your app available. See what copyright/patent/trademark requirements each of the stores have and how you are going to work around it. Also make sure to read the legal requirements in detail.

4. Plenty of preparation: One of the most important requirements for success is to prepare well. Organize your meetings, schedules, demos, product testing, updates, guidelines etc. Make sure you have all of the important stuff in printed form in order to share it with everyone.

5. Communicate and follow-up: Make sure you clearly communicate about the patient portal to everyone in your company and follow up with them. A collective effort on everyone’s part will be required to make your app a success.

These are some of the guidelines which EHR vendors can follow in order to create and launch a patient portal application successfully.


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