Stage 2 Meaningful Use ONC Rule: What it means for EPs?

Implementing Meaningful Use Stage 2 is the new talking point in healthcare industry these days. Physicians, healthcare centers, hospitals, providers and vendors are all gearing themselves up for Meaningful Use Stage 2 attestation. While some have met the new requirements, there are still a huge number of physicians who are not yet ready to attest for Meaningful Use Stage 2.

The Office of National Coordinator (ONC) has listed down a number of minimum technical capabilities, standards and specifications EHR technologies and Eligible Providers (EPs) must meet to support the latest stage of Meaningful Use.

Let’s go through them one by one.

  1. New certification paradigms: The ONC requires that all the current EHR software must be ready to use Meaningful Use Stage 2 by 2014. They will be required to acquire new certification for it as per the new criteria laid down.
  2. Pricing transparency: All the EHR vendors are required to follow certain price transparency practices related to the type of costs associated with EHR technology implementation for Meaningful Use.
  3. More visibility: The new rules laid down by the ONC also mean that EHR vendors ready for Meaningful Use Stage 2 will be made publicly available. While selecting an EHR vendor, practices and physicians will have a better idea of the vendor’s standing.
  4. More flexibility: Eligible Providers have three new ways under the 2014 ruling to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria. First, they can purchase a complete EHR software that has been tested and certified on all Meaningful Use measures. Second, they can purchase a combination of EHR modules that perform all the functions needed. Thirdly, they can purchase a single base EHR module that performs only the required functions needed by that EP based upon his/her field of specialty.
  5. More interoperability: The new rule also puts interoperability at the forefront and usage of Health Information Systems (HIE) to improve patient care.

These were a few brief specifications EPs need to meet in order to be able to ready for Meaningful Use Stage 2.


About Frank Quinn

Over the past twenty years, Frank Quinn has contributed significantly on standardizing, interconnecting and institutionalizing care delivery through health IT, helping eliminate barriers to accessibility, quality and adoption. EMR, practice management, eRx, patient portal, medical billing, compliance, privacy and security are his areas of expertise. For more information, please contact Frank at
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