Five benefits of EHR integrated Patient Portals

Patient Portals allow information of the patients to be securely transferred all around the year. This information can be accessed by just having an internet connection. Patients, healthcare providers and practices alike can all have access to EHR integrated Patient Portals.medical

Five benefits of an EHR integrated Patient Portals are listed below:

1)      Administrative benefit by preregistration of patients. EHR integrated Patient Portals allow patients to register even before visiting their healthcare provider, allowing the registration process to efficiently execute which saves time for the practitioner. One benefit is that it saves cost which the use of the online patient portal provides by the reduction of staff members needed to fill in the data.

2)      Secure exchange of information is one other administrative benefit. EHR Patient Portals are required to exchange data securely. . Each patient has their own message box and account and can efficiently review and reply on the portal, exchanging information with their providers.

3)      One clinical benefit of a Patient Portal is that it allows patients to request for prescription renewals and refills without going to the practice. It automates the process of prescribing, allowing patients’ to take an active role in the clinical process of prescription and refills.patient port

4)      Lab results are reviewed automatically through the use of an EHR integrated Patient Portals. If the results are abnormal, it then allows automatic appointment scheduling.

5)      Report Generation. With integrated EHR patient portal, the paper version of reports and mailing costs are reduced. Apart from that, all billing questions that are directed towards a biller are asked from the biller online, without the need of the patient to be physically present.

With the healthcare reform movement at its peak and Obamacare giving incentives to healthcare providers who shift to EHRs, Patient Portals are one key feature that can potentially attract many physicians, healthcare providers and hospital facilities. Patients Portals increase the performance outcomes of the practice and have the capacity to integrate patient information and for that reason, they are a step into the future.


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