The right EHR for Oncology

Which is the EHR for Oncologists that gives them every feature they need? The answer is simple. It is CureMD Oncology EHR. It is the most comprehensive, cloud-based EHR, Practice Management and Patient Portal designed to help Oncologists meet challenges of the 21st century.


It helps in improving chemotherapy planning and administration using sophisticated integration, automation, reporting and analytics. You can connect with hospitals, radiologists, payers, patients, labs, devices, pharmacies and other providers with ease. It is the most affordable, adaptable and accessible solution available in the market today.

Built-in Practice Management helps you succeed in the cancer care business by improving revenues and taking better control of your practice.

CureMD Oncology EHR helps you facilitate your patients through an integrated patient portal to securely request appointments, refills, receive lab results, educational material and update history, demographics and insurance information.

You can improve productivity and achieve compliance through the advanced architecture of CureMD Oncology EHR.

Advanced features include:

  • Evidence-based chemotherapy regimens library
  • Automated drug dose calculations
  • Patient safety alerts
  • Customized drug indexes
  • Automated agent volume
  • Vials and wastage calculation
  • Treatment flow sheets.

These are some reasons why CureMD Oncology EHR is the leading solution for Oncologists. This exceptional EHR is available for free with optional billing services which help you meet all your regulatory requirements; track every service offered and can increase your revenue collection by 10-20%.


5 thoughts on “The right EHR for Oncology

  1. Is CureMD also usable for hematology? Many practices cover both. And how well does it link into other EHRs used by other parts of a practice?

    1. Hi R Troy,
      CureMD have a specific solution for Hematology that has been deigned to cater to the special automation needs of such a practice.

  2. If you have a multispecialty practice that includes Hematology but many other specialties, can CureMD be linked to others?

    1. Hi Troy, CureMD caters to all specialties. Our customizable specialty templates makes us the ideal solution for a multispecialty practice.

      1. One more question – how good is it at integration and/or sharing data with major hospital EHR systems?


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