5 things healthcare organizations must know before moving to the cloud

sysHealthcare organizations across the country are moving to EHR/EMR systems which are web-based, thereby reducing the amount of money required for setting up of dedicated networks in order to have the system operate from their own practice. Web or cloud-based systems are very easy to use, allowing physicians to access them from virtually any browser on any computing device. It also allows them to remain on the go without having to confine themselves to the boundaries of one office.

Here are 5 things healthcare organizations must know before they make the switch to web-based system.

  1. Security compliance with HIPAA/HITECH: They need to make sure that the cloud-based solution is fully compliant with HIPAA/HITECH requirements and whether it will cover an entity’s Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). They also need to check what encryption services are being offered and whether the software is compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Privacy control: Healthcare organizations also need to make sure what level of control they have over their data and how the vendor is able to remotely clean the data from a device if required.
  3. Cloud on your terms: You need to make sure to what extent your data will be available on the cloud. Whether it is going to be an on-premise solution or a hybrid combination or whether you need multiple cloud providers to make it work.
  4. Enterprise-ready: Healthcare organizations also need to make sure the vendor is offering enterprise-level features in their cloud solution or do they only have one type of service for all consumers.
  5. Patient-centered care strategy: Healthcare organizations need to make sure they get a solution which focuses mostly on patient care.

These are a few key things healthcare organizations must keep in mind before moving on to cloud services of EMR/EHR vendors.


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