Patient Portals—Much More Than Meaningful Use

Patient portals are a means of qualifying for Meaningful Use. Seamless patient portal technology is a rarity. The transition starts in 2014 for Meaningful Use stage 2. The anxiety among the healthcare providers is valid, since the goal to achieve patient engagement: the dialogue between the patient and the provider, is a tough call and providers still consider achieving Meaningful Use a far fetched idea. But have you wondered how easy Patient Portal use is? If you just know its uses and benefits, you may push towards using it from today onwards.

Through patient portals the volume of calls for providers and the calls to staff decreases. This decrease is achieved through the use of patient portal as it can handle the increased volume of traffic from patients in a systematic way through web-messages. By registering online patients reduce burden on staff and providers in terms of filling out forms.

Patient portals have advanced to a stage whereby patients can order their eyeglasses, pay their bills and schedule their medical appointments online, in addition to that they have allowed patients to come in contact directly with their providers.

For providers Patient Portals offer a huge benefit allowing providers to achieve MU by providing access to patients data that satisfies the requirement for MU.

As the mode of interaction and communication between the patient and provider becomes primarily text based, it increases the efficiency of communication, as the data sent through text is thoroughly analyzed and replied to in full detail.

MU empowers patients and requires the data in EMRs to be securely transferred among providers-patients-families. It is fulfilled through one of the basic features of Patient Portal, which is the secure communication and transfer of data it provides among providers, patients and their families.

All in all, Patient Portal is much more than Meaningful Use. It is not only the means of achieving but a mean of providing a secure, engaging, useful and efficient environment for the patient and his provider


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