Why is it better to have specialty specific EMR software?

Some people might argue that any type of EMR software can work for a practice and there is no need for a specialty specific EMR. However, the reality is completely the opposite. You might find a generic EMR software without any costs or hassles, but in reality, your entire workflow will suffer simply because the software is not custom designed to match your practice needs. You will end up spending more hours in front of the computer trying to make the software work for you rather than focusing on the patients.

Let’s try to discuss a few points why it is better to have specialty specific EMR software for your practice rather than falling for the free, all-purpose EMR software out there in the market.

Less training time, better learning curve

With a specialty specific EMR software, it is easy for you to learn the software in lesser time as compared to learning the one that is generic. You have all the required items right in front of you which you understand and can get around to work it well for you. Instead of seeing a generic software which can take up to months to master, you will develop a faster learning curve with a specialty specific EMR software.

Better workflow than a generic EMR

If you using a generic EMR software, you will have to spend twice as much time on it to fill in the required patient information, view reports, summaries, make appointments, write electronic prescriptions, etc. A specialty specific EMR software lets you do more work in less time by making the information only relevant to you available at your fingertips.

Additional changes are easy to incorporate

Another great feature of having a specialty specific EMR software is that any further changes are easy to incorporate in the software. This is a feature that is generally not available in your generic EMR software, making it a big problem for you to keep yourself updated.


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