The tipping point: How an EHR switch can make the big difference?

A recent survey indicates that almost 30% of all the new Electronic Health Records (EHRs) software are made in order to replace the old EHR software. This single fact tells us that there must be something majorly wrong with the systems available in the market. Indeed, there are many problems the practices, healthcare organizations and doctors are facing these days with their current EMR/EHR setups. Either they are too old, unreliable, take ages to process or are simply not compliant with the new CMS regulations are just a few of those reasons why there is a need for an immediate EHR switch.

One of the biggest factors and for which the switches are being made is enabling the practices to get ready for Meaningful Use Stage 2 and compliant with ICD-10 codes. The CMS allows for practices and doctors to become eligible for Meaningful Use incentive payments if they prove that they are using the software that is compliant to their regulations, has all the necessary certifications and the practices are deriving meaningful use of the data. This factor alone has been the biggest reason for why doctors are making the switch since the deadline for implementing the new regulations is October 1, 2014 and it is only just over a year before it arrives.

The process of switch is never easy. It takes up to months and countless man hours to complete the EHR switch. From defining the switching goals and objectives, to discussing the data migration in detail with your vendor to developing connectivity and seamless integration with all your practice will take time. A lot of it.

However, there are countless benefits that an EHR switch will give you. First and foremost, you will be compliant with all the government regulations in practice and will be even ready for 2014, when the deadline for implementation of Meaningful Use Stage 2 expires. If you stick to your current system, you might not be able to work for now, but will have serious problems come October 2014.

In addition to this, if you opt for a certified vendor, you will be able to derive incentive payments benefits from using the EHR software. You will be able to interact with government entities and show them that you are making meaningful use of the data and qualify to receive payments. This should be able to convince you that you need not to be afraid of the initial setup costs because you will be able to recover them later.

Another great benefit that you can derive from switching your EHR is that you will be able to develop better patient engagement through patient portals. Newer and better EHR systems are developed in a way that support for increased patient engagement whereas your current system might not support this feature. Research indicates that patients are now using more patient portals than ever in order to have an increased interaction with their physicians.

There are many other great benefits of making an EHR switch, but by discussing these really important ones, you should have a good idea of why you should make a switch now. Time is running out fast and you need to start acting as soon as possible and prepare for the big change.

It’s the perfect time to switch to right EHR vendor!


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