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20 interesting facts about human body

Human body is a mix of some really interesting facts. Did you know that humans shed 22 kilograms of skin in their lifetime? Hard to believe? We were surprised just like you. Here are some more: The fingernail of a … Continue reading

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Why is it better to have specialty specific EMR software?

Some people might argue that any type of EMR software can work for a practice and there is no need for a specialty specific EMR. However, the reality is completely the opposite. You might find a generic EMR software without … Continue reading

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The tipping point: How an EHR switch can make the big difference?

A recent survey indicates that almost 30% of all the new Electronic Health Records (EHRs) software are made in order to replace the old EHR software. This single fact tells us that there must be something majorly wrong with the … Continue reading

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What is it that makes the perfect EMR software, perfect?

A perfect Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software allows you to personalize your quality care delivery, improve your overall quality, improve patient safety and optimize your workflows. The seamless integration of all these systems in your practice and the manner in … Continue reading

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Accountable Care Organizations and their impact on healthcare industry

What are Accountable Care Organizations? Before we delve into the world of ACOs, it is imperative to understand a key concept, Medicare. Medicare is a U.S. government plan devised to help people aged 65 and older with their health issues. … Continue reading

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