Patient Portal – Is it Any Good For Patients?

Besides improving the quality of care, manufacturing dedicated tools for every member within the healthcare industry is another prolific effort made by health IT vendors, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Patient Portals. While the former is programmed to help physicians document clinical operations with precision, the latter is designed to help patients improve their health management. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that both applications have helped maintain better care connectivity.

“The healthcare circle consists of two parties; the physicians and patients. It is important to facilitate both parties to ensure a better, sustainable healthcare system. EMRs have helped physicians provide quality healthcare to patients, whilst patient portals have allowed patients to experience completely new, yet improved, healthcare management procedures”, says an Alaska based health IT consultant.

Most physicians probably still remember how tiresome it used to be when they had to manually document patient encounters. On top of that, realizing that they had a long list of patients to examine, managing the documentation process became even more stressful – eventually affecting their productivity. EMR turned out to be a game changing player for all physicians. It takes no more than a few seconds for physicians to document patient encounters and manage all the relevant information. Today, EMRs that come with the latest point and click technology even save physicians from manually constructing long sentences; all they have to do is just click as the EMR does that rest.

Similarly, the advent of patient portals simplified life for the patients. The agitation associated with making long phone calls or walking in to the physician’s practice for merely scheduling an appointment or requesting order refills has been completely eliminated with the use of patient portals. Patients can login to the online portal and stay connected with their physicians from anywhere across the globe. No longer do they have to incur such superfluous costs along with the hassle of managing paper based test results and health records. Patient portals allow patients to either view online or download their health information whenever they want. Given the importance of better care connectivity, even the government encourages physicians to allow patients instant access to their health records.

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