Practice Management Software – What Physicians are Missing Out on?

Although the availability of internet and media has played a vital role in creating the awareness about health IT applications like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management. However, some physicians even today seem to have limited or no knowledge about such solutions. While one can expect physicians being familiar with EMRs, generalizing the fact about practice management software would not be appropriate.

“Although the technology has been out there for quite some time now, not every physician is fully knowledgeable about practice management software. There are various reasons to it. Nevertheless, the increasing trend of practice management adoption illustrates that physicians are taking the matter seriously”, says a New York based health IT consultant.

Increasing number of patient visits is obviously a sign of augmenting profitability for a practice. However, this is only possible if the productivity and efficiency of the physician is not questioned. Practice management helps physicians address the aforementioned issues by automating the administrative and financial workflows of the practice. Physicians who once spent a lot of time staying engulfed in huge piles of paper, can now do it all with just a few clicks. Some physicians fail to understand that the time they spend in managing paper records and getting into the hassle of billing efficiencies could be easily saved by implementing practice management. The time saved could then be used to ensure better patient engagement and better care quality. Besides various other advantages, fewer patient complaints and increasing profitability would surely be the two most evident benefits.

Since we’re on the subject of billing issues, it reminds me that one of the major problems for physicians is never ending account receivables. Since they are not running charities, being paid for the services provided and that too in a timely manner is obviously going to be a preference. Practice management software helps physicians streamline the billing operations in a jiffy. It also helps physicians recover the outstanding receivables, which may have occurred because of human errors in real time.

One of the plausible reasons why some physicians do not take the matter seriously is the misconception that practice management software requires one to be equipped with extensive IT related knowledge. However, renowned EMR vendors understand that IT is not the area of expertise for physicians. This is why, while offering practice management software, they keep usability their top priority; not to forget, affordability too.


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