Patient Portal – Keeping you Tuned

With so many changes taking place around us, even the healthcare industry is transforming by going paperless. Even after spending hours in sorting paper work, physicians used to find themselves drowning in a sea of administrative errors due to poor communication with their practice staff along with their patients. This gave rise to a spiral of problems which pulled physicians away from their practice. In a survey conducted by different EMR vendors, it was found that physicians desperately needed better care coordination with patients. Therefore, many EMR vendors have integrated Patient Portals with EMR systems.

Patient Portal ensures patient-physician connectivity at all times, improving the overall patient experience while ensuring better care delivery. It simplifies clinical tasks by treating patient queries according to their level of priority, thereby eliminating paper hassles and irrelevant concerns. Furthermore, Patient Portal provides connectivity round the clock, which means that patients can schedule their appointments online and can get copies of their reports directly from the system. Instant communication also improves the patient-provider association; making patients more comfortable in discussing their problems more openly.

“My research indicated that patients demand online connectivity with physicians and that availability of information online helps patients manage their health better, thus, reducing the number of complaints. For that matter, if I see myself as a patient, I would certainly be more comfortable if my reports are on my computer screen at all times”, says a health IT consultant.

Patient Portal is not only useful for patients, as physicians need to stay connected with their patients as well. Through an online portal, patients are intimated about clinical and administrative alerts, which reduce the chance of human errors to a bare minimum. In addition to this, Patient Portal brings down the overhead costs, streamlines workflows and ensures compliance with industry standards. As a consequence, the level of patient satisfaction is increased by many folds, along with the quality of healthcare.

Keeping these requirements in mind, it is justifiable to consider all-in-one cloud EHR solutions that are provided by some established EHR vendors. Instead of signing up for different solutions like EHR, Patient Portal, Medical Billing System and Practice Management Software separately, physicians can now easily avail them in a unified package. Therefore, such solutions are gaining immense importance due to the same reason.


One thought on “Patient Portal – Keeping you Tuned

  1. Maybe someone could tell me why a practice would have a patient portal (within EPIC Ambulatory) and not tell any of their patients that it was available?

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