EMR and Practice Management – Stepping into a New Era

The advent of EMR and Practice Management software has created a lot of concerns within the healthcare industry. It is not an easy job to shift from the conventional way of doing things. It certainly takes time to grasp the new industry norms. Considering the pace with which the world is changing, embracing change is the only way to compete in the race to success. The first step is generally considered the hardest, but with time people realize its benefits. In view of the foregoing, convincing physicians to go paperless, is never too easy.

However, these concerns seem insignificant when physicians realize the importance of having everything on an electronic database. Moreover, it makes their decision making process easier for them. Physicians can now focus more on their practice rather than spending hours on documenting patient information. This is a classic example of treating the healthcare industry as a widespread database, where medical information of any patient can be stored or retrieved from anywhere, at any time.

“I have burnt midnight oil in order to become what I am today. During my initial practicing days, I stayed confused whether my job was to treat patients by documenting encounters, or spend hours on maintaining patient records. However, EMR technology has made life simpler for physicians by allowing us more time to focus on our primary job”, says a leading physician from Texas.

Apart from maintaining patient history, managing the administrative and financial workflows of a practice is of utmost importance. For this very reason, physicians end up hiring extra resources which adds to their operating costs. In order to mitigate such expenses, Practice Management software is designed in a way that it streamlines operations and synchronizes the front and back office procedures. That being said, physicians are not expected to have technical expertise in health IT. Therefore, established EMR vendors make sure they offer all-in-one healthcare solutions, by combining EMR and Practice Management. This certainly provides clinicians a green signal to multi-task and resolve clinical and administrative queries simultaneously.

Integration of EMR and Practice Management software has reduced the number of fatalities, and made life easier through one click solutions.  Increasing popularity of health IT solutions surely speaks volumes, and ensures a promising future for the industry.


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