US Healthcare System – The Problems Within

Ever since the inception of Electronic Health Records (EHR), we have been hearing the slogans of quality care and improved healthcare system. But the question is that despite spending a large chunk of our federal reserve on healthcare system, why is it difficult to point out prolific outcomes?

This is a clear indication that something is wrong with the US healthcare system. There are various reasons that could be attributed to the failure of healthcare system, let’s divulge into the details of some of the reasons.

One of the major factors obstructing the improvement in healthcare system is the excessive use of paper. This has not only resulted in increasing cost but also led to the loss of patient records. According to reports, as a result of patient information loss, 30% of the patient records have to be rerecorded annually. However, as the number of providers adopting electronic health records would augment, the probability of such occurrences would surely decrease.

This reminds me of an article that I recently read. It explicitly talked about the increased healthcare costs and how difficult it has become for the citizens to afford quality healthcare in the U.S. Well, I couldn’t agree less. No doubt, overtime, through research and development we have come to make revolutionary advances in medical sciences, nevertheless, the expensive nature of these treatments has discouraged citizens from making the most of them.

Another culprit in the continuum is the insurance companies. The concept of co-pays has given insurance companies an opportunity to design policies that would cover a handful amount of charges and throw the remaining financial burden to the citizen. Moreover, in this chain of deteriorating factors, it would be biased to ignore the role of our eating habits. Yes, it is the fast food that I am referring too. Just because it is readily available and cheap, the amount of fast food consumption has been increasing like anything. The eventual results are increasing rate of heart diseases and cholesterol issues amongst citizens.

While the EHR adversaries consider this technology to be a helping hand in deteriorating healthcare situation, being an advocate of Health IT, not elaborating the advantages would be unjustified at my end. Besides facilitating physicians with digitized patient information, EHRs also have the potential to improve the quality of care delivery with the help of built-in preventive care mechanisms and data mining techniques. The former can automatically check for any drug to drug interaction or allergy – eventually enhancing patient safety. Once considered a time consuming and costly technology, the advent of cloud EHRs has made it affordable as well as adaptable for physicians to implement the solutions.

While it is impossible to put an end to the conventional, we spend more on military expenditure than on healthcare, debate. It is more important for us and well as the government to realize that the problems exist and finding a plausible solution is the need of the hour.

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