Cloud EHR – When Things Start Changing

Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendors are indebted to the guidelines imposed by the HITECH Act in regards to EHR adoption, which helped them capture the market share by encouraging physicians to use EHRs. Thanks to the legislation, physicians have been successful in ensuring the provision of quality care and enhanced patient safety, whereas EHR vendors have witnessed a major increase in sales volume.

Besides the HITECH Act, the requirements and needs of healthcare professionals is an indispensable factor that has helped established EHR vendors to make their mark in the industry. Having said that, it is believed that cloud EHRs have, without any doubt, helped EHR vendors in doing that.

Instant availability of patient records and other important information is a vital need to keep the care continuum intact. Unfortunately, there have been instances in which hosted EHR servers have failed to provide this facility to care providers. Imagine after making an investment of both time and money on learning and implementation of the application, eventually it does not serve the purpose – the end result would be nothing but frustration.

“It’s like you sell an old car to buy a new one, and at the end of the day this new car turns out to be extremely disappointing, something that you had never imagined. When you ask yourself the question whether it was a rational decision, that is when you finally realize your mistake”, says an annoyed, Michigan based physician.

Nevertheless, understanding that physicians require EHRs as a helping hand, established vendors introduced the cloud EHR. Cloud technology allows physicians to store, access, and retrieve patient information and related data from practically anywhere, at any time. It is because of cloud EHRs that physicians who once got agitated and wanted to step back to paper based documentation, ultimately changed their minds.

By allowing easy and secure access, cloud EHRs make patient data imperishable. Since all the information is stored online, the chances of physical damage are completely eliminated.

There are some physicians, especially solo providers or the ones operating small practices, who have this misconception that EHRs require an enormous monetary investment. Fortunately, established EHR vendors understand that not every physician has a bag full of dollars to finance such costly EHRs. Hence, they made sure that while introducing cloud EHRs, they considered the concern of affordability into account as well.

One thought on “Cloud EHR – When Things Start Changing

  1. I think what this article unfortunately misses is the risk associated with utilizing cloud services. While there are many benefits in efficiency, scalability, and affordability, there are incredible issues with privacy and security that are not considered by most. Furthermore, most practices and vendors fail to execute business associate agreements to stay compliance with HIPAA and HITECH. These risk factors must be taken into account when choosing to migrate to the cloud.

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