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Why adopt Electronic Medical Records?

By now, anyone who is somehow related to the healthcare sector must be aware of the adoption saga of Electronic Medical Records. Due to the number of incentives given by the government, and the benefits it holds, majority of institutions … Continue reading

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Electronic Medical Records – Seeing is believing

By injecting huge amounts of funds within the health IT industry, the US government is successfully automating healthcare. Roughly, $370 million was allocated to different healthcare departments including the office of the National Coordinator for Information Health Care Technology, Department of Commerce for health care information integration activities, and Department … Continue reading

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Choosing an EMR: The Checklist – Part 2

I concluded my last blog on the subject of all-in-one Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions that are available in the market today. Physicians are already occupied in their busy schedules and they barely have time to first implement and then … Continue reading

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Choosing an EMR: The checklist – Part 1

Although Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has been available in the market for quite some time, some physicians still find it hard to choose the right EMR solution for their practices. The plethora of EMR vendors have exposed physicians to a … Continue reading

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Practice Management Software – What Physicians are Missing Out on?

Although the availability of internet and media has played a vital role in creating the awareness about health IT applications like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management. However, some physicians even today seem to have limited or no knowledge … Continue reading

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