The EMR Triangle – Physicians, Vendors, and Demos

Gathering relevant product information and knowledge should be the first step before deciding to buy a certain product.  Considering the healthcare industry, providers usually request the EMR vendor for a demonstration of the product. Although providers are aware of certain functions that Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are designed to perform, however in order to thoroughly understand any application, they always prefer to schedule a demo.

Despite the fact that spending long hours in learning the application is a tedious job for physicians, it is the only way they can comprehensively evaluate and understand EMRs. Before spending thousands of dollars, they need to make sure if the solution is worth their time or not. However, providers can save plenty of time by informing the EMR vendor whether an on-site or an online demo suits them, and of course, by doing their homework beforehand.

Considering the above mentioned points, physicians should generally prepare a set of questions and send them to the demonstrator before the demo starts, and during the presentation they can easily communicate if the concerned aspects have been addressed or not. Moreover, they should always make notes and share them with colleagues to see if further queries could be brought up.

It is indeed true that the more you ask the more you learn. This is one of the reasons why EMR demonstrators encourage physicians to ask as many questions pertaining to the application as possible. After all, being a passive learner could certainly put a cap on the amount of extractable, relevant information.

“Before going into a demo, we are well prepared to answer a good deal of questions. We don’t expect the providers to know everything about the product before they have even seen it, and this, primarily, is the most important reason why we always encourage equal participation from the other side”, says an EMR demonstrator.

Once a demo has been completed, it is always advised to go through the notes and see if all concerns have been duly addressed or not. Has anything been missed out? Always conclude a demo with feedback, as it matters to the vendors since they can design the system according to such feedback. In the end, if you are content with the demo, simply signup!

Given the amount of competition in the market, providers are exposed to a wide array of EMR vendors to choose from. Hence, taking the needs of their practice into account, providers should know beforehand which EMR vendor to opt for. According to recent surveys, providers today prefer “All-in-One Solutions” for their practice, which includes Practice Management and Patient Portal. These solutions help them with not only the clinical side of the practice but also with administrative side.


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