Practice Management – What’s Missing in EMRs?

Considering the daunting competition among Electronic Medical Records (EMR) vendors in the market today, various vendors are trying to innovate healthcare technology as much as possible. It is certainly not difficult for them to realize that in order to influence the consumer market and to generate revenues, they need to focus on the need of the hour – the integrated HIT application suite.

Besides efficiently maintaining clinical records and documenting patient encounters, managing practice operations is yet another challenge that physicians face on a daily basis. To resolve such issues, physicians prefer practice management software, which helps them to record “non-clinical” information of patients. It simplifies the administrative and financial workflow management and also eliminates the hassle of re-entering patient information. This means that once the information for a particular patient has been stored into the system, next time the provider simply needs to use the click of a button to access the entire data.

“I remember how many hours it would take to manually enter patient information, maintain the records, and retrieve them when needed. With practice management software, however, it just takes a few clicks and there you go”, says a New York based physician.

Having established that, there are several other reasons behind the increasing demand of integrated practice management software. Physicians prefer such systems because they help them in reducing the levels of stress amongst their staff and also saves valuable time. Moreover, it is more convenient and prolific to have all the essential workflow management components on a singular platform.   While the internal benefit of Practice Management software is to increase practice efficiency, the external benefits include a safer environment through the reduction of paper use.

“With health IT application suites, apart from saving lives, physicians today also serve in protecting the environment. This is clear evidence that green technology is the future”, says a New York based Health IT consultant.

The above stated facts illustrate the significance of practice management software in the world of HIT. Unfortunately, the absence of practice management systems within an EMR increases the difficulty level of maintaining administrative and financial workflows of the practice. It is essential for EMR vendors to realize that although technological advancement aids in optimizing managerial process, incomplete packages might deteriorate the consumer interest in a particular technology. Nevertheless, there are some vendors that understand the consumer demands and offer an “All-in-One” EMR package with integrated practice management software.

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One thought on “Practice Management – What’s Missing in EMRs?

  1. Hard to disagree, though I’d point out that an EHR that has an available PM that is closely integrated (even if from a separate vendor) should also bee acceptable. I also believe that certain aspects of EHR’s should be reachable by standardized API’s, which would allow integration of separate modules (like a PM suite) to be relatively easy.

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