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EMR – The word on the Street – Part 2

Continuing from where I left off 3 weeks ago, EMR – The Word on Street – Part 1, most patients tend to have very unique perspectives about the EMR technology. Still not accustomed to the change like most physicians, patients are … Continue reading

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Popularity Contest – EMRs Vs Practice Management

The healthcare automation process is in full gear, with the EMR adoption rate close to 60%. With sights on affordable and accountable care, providers have become much receptive to change. Health IT offers improved efficiency at reduced costs through better … Continue reading

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Why to Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Whether to outsource the billing operations to an independent medical billing company or opt for an in-house billing department is often a dilemma faced by most physicians. Looking at the basic principles of economics, the law of comparative advantage states … Continue reading

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Costs to consider for EMR implementation

Despite what most EMR vendors may want you to believe, there is more to budget for than monthly costs along with the initial training and implementation fees. While costs have decreased significantly over the last few years, most EMRs still … Continue reading

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EMR Workflows – How Essential are They?

Long gone are the days when an EMR was recognized as a mere documentation system. Electronic medical records over a period of time have evolved into EMR workflow systems. The workflows allow for EMR customization which reflects on practice clinical … Continue reading

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