SaaS Model Spearheading EMR Adoption

The Center for Disease Control’s report earlier this year showed a massive improvement in the adoption for EMRs. However what most encouraging was the improved rates for small and single provider practices that represent more than half of the total physician populous. While the government’s role has been instrumental, incentivizing adoption through meaningful use and establishing regional extension centers, industry experts believe competition within the EMR industry to be the driving force behind this growth.

Small practices and solo practitioners did not have sufficient resources to acquire an EMR system.  The upfront costs were too high and many practices could not afford to hire IT personnel to maintain these systems. The introduction of SaaS EMR leveled the playing field for small practices.

By providing a web based solution, SaaS EMR eradicates the need for housing internal servers or the need for on-site IT personnel. Everything is maintained externally by the vendor, be it upgrades or regular backup. The physician simply needs to use the solution without worrying about on-site changes, as going live with SaaS EMR is much easier. There are no on-site installations and the deployment period is much faster. According to a recent report by KLAS research, SaaS EMR is quickly gaining popularity amongst providers due to its simplistic model.

Eric Bermudez from KLAS research says, “The SaaS EMR deployment model is becoming more popular for providers who want minimal up-front cost and prefer to give the responsibility of the care and feeding of the software to the vendor. Luckily for providers, there are plenty of good options.”

Industry experts view SaaS as the future of healthcare IT. We strive to overcome the barriers of adoption by simplifying technology, says Bill Hashmat, CIO at CureMD. The company recently outranked competition in the report KLAS SaaS EMR 2012: Is It for you? He adds, “We learn though behavioral analysis, joint research with partner academic centers to simplify and optimize product design, enhance self-service implementation and find innovative ways to enter, retrieve and analyze information.”

The healthcare cloud market is expected to grow at a cumulative average rate of 20.5% from 2010-2017. As we move towards healthcare networking and information sharing, SaaS or Cloud based EMR are increasingly becoming more relevant. “We are living in an age where accessibility means time and time means money or better care in this case’, says a Health IT consultant. Most Cloud based EMR have come a long way, with quick response times and even quicker navigation. Eric Bermudez says, “People are pleased with the speed of their SaaS EHR”, he also added that when providers were asked which EMR they would consider, SaaS and Cloud based EMR was a popular choice.

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One thought on “SaaS Model Spearheading EMR Adoption

  1. It’s hard to disagree with the use of ASP / Cloud / SAAS, etc. model for EMR implementation for a small medical practice. But there are plenty of issues the practice has to consider, and contrary to the rosy view that the vendor ‘does all’, the practices have all sorts of legal liability and requirements that they are responsible for. For instance, does the EMR have DR capability, off site backups, decent security? Do they meet MU requirements? Do they connect to a HIE that works for the practice? Is there a decent patient portal with good security? Lots of things to think about, though this is the best way to go for a great many practices.

    One more thing; a practice still needs a reasonably decent computer (or a few), battery backups, something of an office network, and a decent firewall, and proper security on it’s PC(s). Far easier said then done for some practices.

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