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The Preventive Care Solution

Preventive care is far more efficient than curative care. It is also a lot cheaper. With the US economy under crisis and healthcare expenditure on the rise, a change is required now more than ever. After all, information technology has … Continue reading

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Will ACOs pop the EMR bubble?

Ever since the government announced its plan for changing healthcare through Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), healthcare professionals all over the nation have been anxiously trying to assess the implications of such a theory being put into practice. The government realizes … Continue reading

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What Does Meaningful Use Pay for?

Who would have thought for the CMS meaningful use incentive program to become one of the most polarizing topics in healthcare industry? Today, physicians stand divided. While some seek to benefit from the direction of use it provides, others blame … Continue reading

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EMR Adoption and Health Information Exchange

The last few years have been monumental for health. Electronic medical records have flooded into the mainstream with a recent report from Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggesting that nearly 55% of physicians in the US are at some stage … Continue reading

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Another Year for the EMR

While the clichéd “year of the EMR” statement may have run its due course, adoption continues to rise at an exponential rate. The results for a recent survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health … Continue reading

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