Practice Management – The Missing Link in an EMR Package

Practice management software is designed to deal with day toEMR day operations of a medical practice. These typically include features like appointment scheduling, entering patient demographics, electronic medical billing along with financial and administrative reporting. A complete Practice Management solution allows administrative users to store information for patients such as referring providers, insurance and benefit details, preferred pharmacies and important contacts. It improves efficiency by eliminating paper while streamlining practice workflow, task and resource allocation for higher productivity.

While both EMR and PMS have been around for some time now, physicians have been generally more positive towards implementing the practice management solution for resource allocation and patient management. Another key benefit of a practice management solution is to reduce the level of stress among the staff. Tasks can be allocated to various users in the practice and role based access allows the user to update the status of each task once complete.

These days, practices usually prefer to have both practiceEMR Integration management and EMR integrated into one system for complete clinical and administrative control. However, Practice Management software and EMR integration has been one of the challenges for providers with existing systems. They now face the dilemma of not only finding a suitable EMR to fit their practice requirements but also ensure interoperability with their existing Practice Management solution.

Many established EMR vendors do not provide an integrated PMS, which is partly the reason that providers end up incurring additional cost and interoperability issues. An office manager of a reputable practice in New York exclaimed that it was extremely difficult to manage two separate systems for clinical and administrative work.

“It’s a nightmare honestly. You have to manage data for two systems. It’s not efficient and I am not happy.” she said.

A comprehensive EMR and Practice Management system can significantly change the way practices operate. Vendors have now started to design integrated systems to enable a seamless transition from the front desk to the clinician’s exam room and then to the back office for billing. Given the rise in providers seeking an EMR solution, it is pivotal not to overlook the importance of an integrated Practice Management system. Choose wisely because the right “All-in-One” solution will save you a lot of cost and hassle.

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