EMR Support – The Overlooked Questions

EMR has come a long way thanks to user feedback backed by consistent improvement in quality. The modern day EMR provides all tools necessary for a physician to provide quality care to their patients.

However as the Electronic Medical Records market steadily grows, competition dynamics change with it. With significant growth in the HIT sector, there have been numerous new entrants bringing in new competitive strengths or target niche. With over 400 EHR vendors in the US market, remaining competitive in this technology driven industry is no walk in the park.

Vendors are continually required to embrace new technology and evolve in accordance with market demand and changing regulations. The result is increasing research and development cost that forces these vendors to find ways to reduce cost by outsourcing their electronic medical records support department in search of a cheaper alternative. Whilst the purpose may be to drive better quality and results, outsourcing this vital component to an external party makes client satisfaction nigh impossible.

“It was a nightmare utilizing the support as it was outsourced to a foreign country. English definitely wasn’t the guy’s first language. How are you supposed to get help, when the other person cannot even understand me? This is definitely not problem solving.”, says an annoyed customer of a top EMR vendor.

Customer support is an important part of SaaS based EHR and while outsourcing may provide a cheap alternative, the quality lost as the part of the service is a hefty price to pay.

Choosing a right EMR with dependable support services can make your life much easier. Hence it is vital that you straighten out support terms before choosing a vendor. The important questions you may need to address:

Experience and Product Knowledge – A hardened veteran team with technical knowledge about the product and years of experience in dealing with application problems and issues can significantly save the provider time whilst effectively resolving a problem.

Language – Language barriers can cause a lot of hurdles and create frustration hence local support should be preferred, but in case your vendor chooses to provide an international support, communication quality should be adhered to.

Support Size – Another issue EHR users face is the wait time. With larger user networks and inadequate support resource, larger vendors face this problem more often.

Availability – If in a different time zone, it is important to inquire about the hours of availability of the support team.

Reliable support has a direct impact on your practice operations, hence should be not be ignored in your decision making process when selecting an EMR vendor.


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