CureMD and NaviNet Create A Partnership

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that CureMD has inked a deal with NaviNet which will allow NaviNet to sell our technology — resulting in the expansion of our market reach and user-base by leaps and bounds.

NaviNet will sell our product labeled as “NaviNet, Powered by CureMD”. NaviNet is America’s largest real-time healthcare communications network linking over 700,000 providers and 98 million patients—through a single Web portal.

This announcement represents a milestone for CureMD and is the outcome of months of untiring effort and energy Ali Hashmat, Bilal Hashmat and the rest of the CureMD team put in.


About CureMD

CureMD is an award winning health IT organization providing SMART Cloud EMR, Practice Management, Patient Portal and Medical Billing Service to help adoption and Meaningful Use compliance - driving outcomes and subsidy payments to maximize value and returns.
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