CureMD EHR – Electronic Health Records


CureMD EHR, the innovative, purely web-based CCHIT 2011 Certified and Surescripts Gold Certificated Electronic Health Records system, is designed from the ground up for care delivery organizations of the internet age. CureMD EHR integrates clinical, administrative and workflow processes to create a unified framework for real-time information management and collaboration.

CureMD EHR is qualified for EHR Stimulus Package. CureMD EHR, the easiest way to realize meaningful use!

CureMD EHR ensures continuity of care management, increases patient safety and facilitates accurate decision making through several innovative and integrated functionalities. Customizable template driven workflows for documenting histories, vitals, physical exams and system reviews adapt to each provider’s unique clinical approach. Electronic prescriptions, order management, document imaging, patient education and adverse interaction alerts help document the quality and completeness of patient encounters while reducing liability. Template driven point-and-click technology allows rapid data entry in customizable formats, increasing physician efficiency, minimizing errors and eliminating the need for transcription.



  • Problems & Complaints
  • History (Present Illness, Family, Social, Medical)
  • Vitals
  • Review of Systems
  • Physical Exam (Inspection, Palpation, Auscultation)
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Lab Interfaces
  • Document Imaging
  • Clinical Knowledge Base
  • Decision Support
  • Disease Management
  • Workflow Editor
  • Auto Note
  • Referral Management
  • Follow-up/Recall Tracking
  • Patient Education
  • Electronic Signature
  • eFax Capability
  • Voice Recognition
  • Trending & Graphing


With CureMD EMR, you can:


Document patient encounters faster with personalized workflows and process implementation.

Eliminate paper by consolidating information into electronic charts. Add consultation letters, patient files, insurance IDs, consent forms and more.

Utilize industry standard clinical decision support and integrated knowledge base to deliver preventive care, disease management, drug information and patient education services.

Develop patient and condition-specific treatment plans to monitor progress.

Electronically transmit and receive lab orders. Simplify decisions with automated flagging of abnormal results, analyze track and trend results.

Minimize Adverse Drug Events (ADE’s), fax, e-mail and electronically transmit prescriptions and refill requests online.

Create patient and population level clinical reminders based on age, gender and medical conditions. Link diagnoses, procedures and medications with reminders for automated health maintenance alerts.

Manage referrals and electronically transmit consultation letters to referring providers.

Automatically generate recall and follow-up letters.

Decrease account receivables with electronic billing, clean claim checks, electronic data interchange (EDI) and financial management tools.

Analyze population-wide disease patterns and service utilization with advanced data mining reports.

Engage patients and referring providers through the integrated, self-service patient portal. Ensure privacy, track user activity and control information access with comprehensive audit trail and release of information management features.

CureMD’s specialty-specific configuration streamlines clinical processes while introducing industry best practices, ensuring HIPAA compliance and reinforcing logical information organization. Our web-based approach ensures 24/7 information availability from any location – whether making rounds at the hospital, working among clinics, taking calls or writing prescriptions on the move – without extra effort and resources to help clinicians spend more time with patients and less time on documentation.

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