CureMD EMR – The CCHIT 2011 Certified and Surescripts Gold Certificated EMR

CureMD Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), the only both CCHIT 2011 Certified and Surescripts Gold Certificated EMR EHR!

CureMD EMR, the easiest way to become a meaningful user!


The CureMD platform is a comprehensive network of products and services designed to meet the information needs of modern healthcare organizations. Our combination of flexible, easy to use functionalities makes CureMD the solution of choice for a rapidly growing community of physicians, payers and consumers worldwide. CureMD’s patient-centric architecture complements the unique needs of healthcare enterprises without disrupting existing workflows resulting in deployment of affordable, adaptable and universally accessible healthcare information systems.

CureMD’s revolutionary technology simplifies clinical decision making, streamlines operations, and ensures compliance to industry standards and best practices. This results in ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

CureMD’s specialty-specific configuration seamlessly adapts to your existing workflow while introducing industry best practices, ensuring HIPAA compliance and reinforcing logical information organization and display. Our web-based approach means you can access patient information anytime, anywhere; whether you’re making rounds at the hospital, working among clinics, taking calls, or writing prescriptions on the move. The information you need is readily available, easily accessible without any extra effort enabling you to spend more time with your patients and less time on documentation and administration.

Built upon distributed network architecture, CureMD provides enterprise-class reliability and scalability so growing organizations can stay ahead of the technology curve. CureMD is the only solution that drives organizational performance by combining proven capabilities with next-generation technology and best practices to assure business success.

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